The Joys of Being a Community Manager


A Glimpse into My Role at Bailiwik


Introduction: Unveiling the Joys of Being a Community Manager

Being a community manager for the Bailiwik app has been an incredible journey, allowing me to foster connections among people who live and work in close proximity. Bailiwik thrives on facilitating meaningful interactions on the app and through real-world engagements. In this blog post, I'll share what I truly enjoy about my role as a community manager and host, and how it perfectly aligns with my passion for connecting with others.


The Heart of Bailiwik: Meaningful Conversations and Local Events

What sets Bailiwik apart is its emphasis on real connections both on the Bailiwik app and when people get together in real life. Rather than endless scrolling, the app encourages locals to engage in conversations and discover events in their vicinity. It's a joy to witness new friendships developing as community members chat, organize gatherings, and share experiences. What's exciting is that these interactions on the app also lead to fostering in-person connections that truly enrich people's lives.


Embracing the Role of Host: Facilitating Bonds and Memories

As a community manager, I proudly wear the hat of a host of a few different communities on the westside of LA. One of our particularly vibrant communities is the Downtown Culver City Bailiwik.  This role resonates with my natural inclination to connect with strangers effortlessly, I’ve really never met a stranger. Hosting allows me to leverage this ability to help individuals meet new friends, curate exciting events, and craft engaging content that resonates with our members.


Cultivating Bonds: A Natural Fit

One of the reasons why being a community manager and hosting feel like a natural fit for me is my genuine interest in people's stories. I thrive on initiating conversations by sending direct messages through the app, engaging with the content they share and when I meet them in real-life. It's incredibly rewarding to witness the evolution of relationships and stay up to date on what’s going on in our members' lives.


One of our members Eric Gray (AKA Rocsta Q) is a musician and plays music outside of a restaurant here in Culver City.  It’s been such a pleasure getting to know him and seeing him on his musical journey. Oftentimes, I'll step out of my coworking spot BLANKSPACES (one of our community partners) in DTCC to go see Rocsta who plays about a block away from the office outside of Ugo Cafe. Since I’ve known him he’s put out two albums and is working on more songs right now.


Shared Experiences: The Magic of Events

Nothing fosters a sense of community quite like our events. From our weekly trivia nights to monthly happy hours and board game extravaganzas, the events we host bring individuals together, creating opportunities for connections to flourish. These occasions allow me to not only remain connected with the community but also to make new friends.


Since trivia nights happen every Tuesday, I’ve really had the chance to become friends with the people I play with.  This leads us to hang outside of trivia by going out for drinks or by grabbing lunch together.


Conclusion: A Privilege and a Pleasure

In the realm of community management and hosting, I find myself truly fortunate. The opportunity to merge my outgoing personality with a role that I genuinely enjoy is a gift. Through Bailiwik, I have the privilege of facilitating connections, creating memorable events, and witnessing the growth of meaningful relationships. It's not just a role; it's a fulfilling journey that continues to bring joy to both myself and the members of the Bailiwik community.